Tuesday, November 01, 2005

On My Team

I took account of the Elle B. team to determine who I've got and who I still need:

Quick Re-cap of The Elle B. Team:

- Elle B.: Singer/Songwriter & Owner of Apostrophe Publishing and Heartsung Records
-Oren Yoel bka DJ OK: Executive Producer
-Tuna Butter: Producer
-The Beatnix: Producer
-Elevated Enterprises: Marketing Consultant
-S. Debessai: Stylist/Public Relations Manager
-ZeroGs: Corporate Branding
-Photography by Hamilton: Photograher
-S. Crim: Finance and Management Director

Still need:
- Attorney (retainer)
- Web Developer/Site Manager
- Elle B. Business Manager
- Accountant/Tax Advisor/Financial Planner
In Other News:

Today is my first official day as a FTE (full time employee), yippee.

Me and The Beanix (x.5) are meeting next week Thursday and Friday to record Joseph's song.

We got the internet in the apartment finally so I spent hours yesterday on the computer...

New Music Related Links:
- www.ankore.com
- www. sonicbid.com

FYI... Harmony Run, a short film that I was in while in High School will be playing at the Santa Clarita Independent Film Festival on November 11th. *pretty cool*

*Still being productive*


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