Friday, November 18, 2005

If Only I Didn't Have To Work...

Since I'm not doing a REAL post today, I'll give a shout out to my favorite blogs instead. I find myself at work saying "I wish I didn't have to work..." cus then, I'd crawl the blogsphere, read and comment for hours. Thank God I have to work, otherwise, mines would be a life wasted away. But people have so much to say. Here is a re-cap (short for recapitulation, did you know that?)

The Cynical Ones: Although I blogged for a brief moment in 2004, The Cynical Ones really brought me back to this culture. One of my favorite people in the world, Mike is an aspiring author and journalist. He writes about whatever is on his heart (for the most part) which tends to be Beyonce "Bouncy" Knowles (read: entertainment), Bill O'Reilly (read: politics), HU (reads: the 'goings-on' in his life). And when he updates it (yeah Mike I called you's all love though), I always leave smiling and thinking "Him, gon' be famous one day." Simply put: Great Writing.

Crunk and Disorderly: This site is what someone called "Us Weekly for Negras." A Black pop culture site. See photos, read quotes and laugh your azz off at what Fresh (the creator) and all the visitors have to say in the comments. It's also a great site to find out about new blogs.

Just Another Girl on the IRT: I love this blog for the same reason I love Mike's blog. The writing is incredible. TriniPrincess writes so eloquently, that I catch myself wondering how someone can be so brilliant. If you know me (and it's not likely you do), then you'll know that I love words. And so by extension, I am blown away by people who are true wordsmiths. Just Another Girl writes about contemporary issues, entertainment, corporate life, self (perception & preservation), literature, sports and more - It's a life Blog. Must Read.

Concrete Loop: Another site I can't live without. It's a Black pop culture blog married with dope web design. Certainly a destination, not a pit-stop. Plus Angel La. the author shows lots of love to fellow bloggers. She's mos def coming up on the scene.

Beautiful Hustle: The originator of "Hoe Sit Down," Beautiful Hustle is an amazing site for web design and very opinionated insight on Hip-Hop today.

In Search of Rellevance:I'd always seen this link on other blogs that I frequent and I thought the name was clever (the name is 95% why I go a blog in the first place), but I never clicked. However, once I did - it was a wrap. In Search of Rellevance, was created by Sherrell, hence the play on words, a graduate student in NC. I like this blog because the topics are always intersting and as much as I love gossip about my favorite celebs, sometimes I need a dose of politics, sports (he does this weekly Heisman watch) and just about anything he or any of the contributors care to discuss. On this blog I feel like I am just kicking in on the steps in front of Commons shooting the breeze like I did when I was in undergrad.

*And that's it...*


Blogger Rell said...

awwwwwww well thank you! I really appreciate it...

you're the bomb too! no e on the end of my name tho :-) just plain ole Sherrell

5:14 PM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

No Prob Sherrell, I like to give props when they are due.

Editing your name, right now.

4:07 PM  

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