Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Wanna Be Fabulous When I Grow Up...

Since I was working on new music last night *Tuesday* I missed the Vibe Awards. It wasn't until 9:30p did I realize that I had forgotten to call my roomate(s) to have it recorded, but I figured that my current blog diet (peep the links on the right) should keep me pretty well informed. Well much to my surprise, B-Money, taped the show for me. As a kid, I loved to dad would always let me stay up late to watch the music award shows and when I was old enough, and could appreciate it, he'd always make sure I caught the music acts on SNL *when he thought they were worthy of watching*. As a result, I am trained to watch music award shows and any televised music performances, regardless of how they start, continue or end. As such, I found myself parked in front of the TV despite what my blogging colleagues had to write about the show, although it was mostly on fast forward.

As an up and coming artist, I feel as though part of my homework is to keep my thumb on the pulse of the industry (translate, competition). I know that I am considered a nobody (although I'd never tell myself that in front of a mirror), but because music is so corporate successful acts must not only be talented (translated overexposed and well produced) but also unforgettable (translate FABULOUS!). Thus it's important to see who is really gonna last (translate, can command a stage) because they've got that something special or are the product of a corporate machine. *although it often takes a couple of live performances to determine this*

The worst thing to have come out of the Vibe Awards was not the MJB comment about her recent cover, nor was it Mimi Valdez's written response on - it was the show in total. Hence, my inseperable thumb from the fast forward button, stopping only to view performances. However, Vibe did do one thing right - they had great performances! I appreciate their committment to emerging artists, namely Keyshia Cole and that 16 year old...Chris, something or other. As a young artist it's a bit refreshing to watch people at the start of their careers who are getting recognition and support from the industry. Granted, the truly A-List celebs that will be in attendance at the AMAs next Tuesday were likely miles away from the Vibe Awards *which may have something to do with the "newer talent" showcased*, but still and yet, it was refreshing.

And like bball players have hoop dreams, I too have my dream. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always watched these shows with that twinkle in my eye, the way hoopers watch the playoffs - it's the ONE DAY syndrome. And for that reason, they spend hours on the court by themselves practicing that left handed layup or their version of the Iverson crossover *didn't that just take you back?* I can spend 8 hour days in a cubicle and leave the office only to spend another 8 hours in a studio - because music is my real career. And watching new talent being recognized at the award shows is like seeing your most favored rookie's numbers at the end of his first year - I always hope that my favorite singer will continue to ascend the charts and gain greater recognition because that leaves that hope that, I too, can - and shall - ascend just the same.

I am not disillusioned either by the "grounders." You know the people who make it their business to keep you grounded in your "hoop" dreams. DJ OK and I have the ongoing conversation about how long it's going to take before I start seeing things happening in my career. I know it won't happen over night - but then again, I'm not brand new. I made the decision not to pursue my career at 17 and go to college. And it was a serious decision considering the fact that I'd already auditioned for YabYum Records, Electra Records and Island Def Jam Records and was singing all over the Southern California region on a regular basis.

I could be ignorantly optimistic *and if I am, I prefer that to hopelessly doubtful* but the grounders can only say, what? but good luck. Unlike HS hoop dreamers, I've already got my insurance policy - a college degree *and currently enrolled in an LSAT course, just in case* with a secure job and benefits at 22. And although I know I am just a rookie in the game, I am cool with being the "bright eyed and bushy tailed" newcomer cus I've only just begun.

Everday, I think about my next step, my next move, my strategy...and it's nothing but exciting. Seeing award shows like Vibe or the AMAs or the Grammy's...or hell, even the Patti LaBelle special last week, keeps me energized. I love singing. I love the music that I make. I love performing. I am a hard worker. I am eager to face the road ahead of me.

And I know that I am gonna be FABULOUS (translate unforgettable) when I grow up.

*Working on "About Us" the new track. Still waiting to get the mixed of "Joseph's Song" to share on the site.*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

im at usc where ethernet reigns supreme and listening to your concert while doing random things often do you 8 hours in the cubicle and 8 hours in the studio...i was thinking of what my schedule would be like once dance starts back up in june.

--jama bama

6:46 PM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

Hey Jamz,

Typically, i burn the midnight oil when I have a show coming up. Like right now, though, I'm trying to finish up the tracks for the EP so it'll be like a once a week thing.

Just depends. But honestly, I don't mind it because I love what I do. I work to finance my real career, you know?

2:27 PM  

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