Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Might Be...

...too lazy to post this weekend, but not too lazy to share.

"When you stayed in the sun too long
even the sun has to move one"

Bilal is in the studio working on his sophomore follow-up to 1st Born Second. I was blessed with an unreleased copy today by one of my producers, Tuna Butter, who's got the hook up from *somebody who know's somebody, who know worked for somebody* Well you get the point.

I saw Bilal when I had just turned 18 in Hollywood at the Knitting Factory. Jaguar Wright opened for him.

Great show.

Nonetheless, Bilal, has some great songs from 1st Born Second. My three favorites (in this order): Love Poems *the story of me & my first love*, Sometimes *classic song*, and Why Don't You Call *well done Prince cover, also attempted by Alicia Keys*

Who knows the future of this project or the anticipated release date. As such, divulging too much information on the project might be a little pre-mature. (read: I'ont wanna hype it and it never get released) However, this unreleased blessing will be worth the wait. My favorite song *cus you know I always have one* is (relative)Track #7. I'd like to share.

This is my favorite so far for creativity of the track *you'll understand when you hear it* and the lyrical content.

"blind but a man must move one
No time for regrets, who lives in rehearse?
Rehears the time you were here
through other ladies I drove myself crazy"

Track #7, Bilal
Click Here to Download

*I am thankful for music this Thanksgiving*


Blogger jb said...

You heard the unreleased stuff he did with Tiombre Lockhart? Beautiful. I saw him perform in Prospect Park in BK early this past summer and he said the album would be out by September which has come and gone. Tragedy.

"Love Poems" is my shit too.

7:33 PM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

I am not familiar with Tiombre Lockhart - can you tell me where I can cop a listen.

The thing with his album - since it's been 5 years since the first one - is the labels don't really know what to do with him. He was on a couple of hip=hop tracks (ie Kweli), but that didn't really suite his style. So I think they are stuck on how to market him and that's why the album is still in "progress"

11:49 PM  

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