Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Ain't Even Got Started Yet...

and there are already road blocks. It has been, what, six months (if that) since starting this project and I am already running into road blocks. This Thanksgiving has been very disappointing. I have yet to receive "Joseph's Song" from The Beatnix (who swears he emailed it to me, but when I asked him about the other track that I sent him, he told he that he hadn't yet checked his email..right). In August, DJ OK and I recorded Ain't Gonna Cry. He told me then that I should give him 3 weeks before it'll be mixed because he was working a demo to submit to BMG publishing. I was patient and three weeks have come and gone. I don't have to tell you what day it is, but I just got the "mixed" version last night. He left parts of the track unfinished because he wanted my opinion - when I listened to the track first round - I almost cried from disappointment. It's not great. I think I waited long enough for GREAT! And really, this is the track, I am supposed to put on MySpace and here at Elle B.-dom. But I can't post this song because first impression are priceless and can never be given back. I am most disappointed by what seems to be a lack of integrity to this project, which I think have roots in something completely different. On more than one occassion DJ OK has told me that "he needs to make money" and that I can't understand cus I already "have a job." Well yes, but please don't give me an expected delivery date and miss it by months. That's not professional. And as if being in school is so much more difficult than sitting in a cubicle for 40 hours a week and then working until 1am several times a week isn't taxing. It's not that I am unsympathetic, because I just graduated and like my producers, I am trying to make a living from my music. But I cannot tolerate excuses that become Monkeys on My Back when we are supposed to be working together. What I am realizing is that no matter how much I want to "work" with my producers on the come up, until I pay them for a project from start to finish, I'll just be an acquaitance. I am not the client - as such deadlines nor quality of work apply to me.

Extremely talented. Really good people. My producers are both of these things. But for Christ sake, can we get it together.

*I apologize for the rant...but this is part of the trip*


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