Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Feedback from ohISHItsRichhhh and his girlfriend...

Below is the AIM convo my boi emailed me earlier today. My boi (chocol8boywunder) asked his bestfriend (ohISHItsRichhhh) to listen and critique Aint Gonna Cry.

chocol8boywunder: u wanna hear something?
OhISHhItsRichhhh: sure!
chocol8boywunder: but i need ur brutual and honest opinion
OhISHhItsRichhhh: k
chocol8boywunder: i need ur sound engineering and mixing hat on too
OhISHhItsRichhhh: okay
chocol8boywunder: but also, regular ppl hat
chocol8boywunder: and radio hat
chocol8boywunder: and dj hat
OhISHhItsRichhhh: got that too
OhISHhItsRichhhh: i can do that
chocol8boywunder wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\SMH\Desktop\aint gonna cry.mp3.
OhISHhItsRichhhh: k
OhISHhItsRichhhh: now what am i listening too
chocol8boywunder: lauren
OhISHhItsRichhhh received C:\Documents and Settings\SMH\Desktop\aint gonna cry.mp3.
OhISHhItsRichhhh: steph says hi btw
chocol8boywunder: hey steph!
OhISHhItsRichhhh: i'll relay the message
chocol8boywunder: fa sho
chocol8boywunder: damn, im hungry
OhISHhItsRichhhh: k listening
chocol8boywunder: good....
OhISHhItsRichhhh: is this version "mixed" yet?
chocol8boywunder: yea
chocol8boywunder: lol
OhISHhItsRichhhh: it definately needs to be mixed again
OhISHhItsRichhhh: thats the sound engineering and mixing hat
OhISHhItsRichhhh: regular hat: DOPE
OhISHhItsRichhhh: dj hat: feelin it
OhISHhItsRichhhh: radio hat: dunno if this would be a single for mainstream but more for the alt urban stations
OhISHhItsRichhhh: cuz its definately radio friendly
OhISHhItsRichhhh: like this song could create alot of buzz
OhISHhItsRichhhh: very soulful
OhISHhItsRichhhh: does she have someone producing the vocals
OhISHhItsRichhhh: this is lauren no?
chocol8boywunder: i think she is gonna redo the vocals
chocol8boywunder: yea...lauren ball
OhISHhItsRichhhh: k
chocol8boywunder: http://elleb-dom.blogspot.com
OhISHhItsRichhhh: nice
OhISHhItsRichhhh: i'll check it out
OhISHhItsRichhhh: she details her adventures beatifully
OhISHhItsRichhhh: the song could definately benefit from a better mix
OhISHhItsRichhhh: instrument volumes and compression
chocol8boywunder: she details her adventures beatifully <---what does that mean?
OhISHhItsRichhhh: she does a good job writing about what she goes through
OhISHhItsRichhhh: in her blog
OhISHhItsRichhhh: i check it out every so often
chocol8boywunder: yea
chocol8boywunder: she does
OhISHhItsRichhhh: yo can i send it to steph?
OhISHhItsRichhhh: or should i keep it on the low
chocol8boywunder: yea
chocol8boywunder: send it to steph
OhISHhItsRichhhh: k
chocol8boywunder: please tell me her feedback
OhISHhItsRichhhh: i'm kinda interested too since she's vocally trained
chocol8boywunder: fa sho
chocol8boywunder: is she listening now?
OhISHhItsRichhhh: i'm sending it
OhISHhItsRichhhh: shes got slo ass DSL
OhISHhItsRichhhh: u know when she polishes up the song she might wanna send it to the radio show that plays unheard bands on fridays
chocol8boywunder: lol
OhISHhItsRichhhh: its alot better then some of the stuff they play
chocol8boywunder: i know that's for sure
chocol8boywunder: i like it alot
chocol8boywunder: i love the bridge in the middle
chocol8boywunder: i think it has personality
OhISHhItsRichhhh: yeah its catchy
OhISHhItsRichhhh: got a nice beat
OhISHhItsRichhhh: good instrumentation
chocol8boywunder: it could be a radio song, esp. with a dope rapper
OhISHhItsRichhhh: true
OhISHhItsRichhhh: heres steph's input
OhISHhItsRichhhh: she coming from a more vocally trained ear tho so shes more butal
OhISHhItsRichhhh: brutal
OhISHhItsRichhhh: pstar919: she has a limited range...
pstar919: ?
pstar919: it's nicely developed at this range
OhISHhItsRichhhh: pstar919: i'm bothered by her limited range, tho
pstar919: again, nicely developed
OhISHhItsRichhhh: pstar919: but i want more
pstar919: she tried to hit a higer note there
pstar919: but it sounded straind
pstar919: she is soulful
pstar919: but she needs more work
pstar919: david was listening too
pstar919: he's a vocalist as well
pstar919: and agreed with me
pstar919: but definitely a good start
OhISHhItsRichhhh: ah now i got her font
OhISHhItsRichhhh: david's her coworker so was incidently on a singer on KIDS incorporated with none other then fergie from BEP
OhISHhItsRichhhh: small world
chocol8boywunder: lol
chocol8boywunder: small world
chocol8boywunder: okay
chocol8boywunder: anything else?
OhISHhItsRichhhh: the lady that invented stove tops stuffing dies on thanksgiving
OhISHhItsRichhhh: but not really its a good song

*I think most of these comments are consistent with how I feel about the track myself. But I am still wondering what ya'll think out there*

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