Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Bubble Project & Obey Giant

I love grass roots arts movements (all area of the arts too). Click the above pics for two of my favorite music related pieces. Visit TheBubbleProject for more information on this movement.

Have you seen this man in your city before?

Part of the reason for this post is to illustrate the point that art does not have to be mainstreamed to be successful and impacting. Part of my current struggle with my music career is fighting the temptations which encourage me to just go the mainstream root before self-discovery. There is something that is very alluring and even satisfying, at least temporarily, about pop culture - above all else its entertaining. But what we all know - even if it's just deep down- that we value our individuality because it is so necessary to our self-preservation. Both of the projects highlighted here are the result of individuality manifested. It's neither obscure nor is it unrelateable. Unfortunately, in our corporate society, we are lead to understand our opinions most often through saturated images and commentary propogated in the media. When I am told that a song form is not conventional, what I am being told is that it's not commercial. But then I look at someone like Lauryn Hill or even the birth of jazz or hip-hop and see that none of these were initially commercial but were special enough to appeal to the masses - And I have only to conclude that there is space for what I create too.

*You can't learn from a pundit any more than has already been learned. He does not create - he reguritates.*

"I don't want to one-dimensional. And just because I sing soul, I don't want to be

"I don't wann be"
Written by: Elle B.
(c) Apostrophe Music Licensing and Publishing 2005


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